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About Me

Hello there!
My name is Monika with a “k”. I grew up in Washington state, the beautiful PNW! There I went to university and earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with a minor in mathematics.

After college I up and left everything I knew behind to start my career in the islands of Hawaii. Previously, I had visited Hawaii on two separate vacations, and I fell in love! Moving to Hawaii really sparked my interest in the adventure that is travel. While living there I had the chance to extensively explore all 6 main islands. It was in Hawaii that I also gained my love for hiking, surfing, and photography.

One other amazing thing came from moving to Hawaii; I met and married my husband, David. Shortly after our wedding, we moved to the other side of the world, literally! Now, living in Italy, we have spent the last 3 years traveling all through Europe. I’m proud to say I have been to XX countries and counting!

This brings me to why I started Travel with Monika. I am very type B, and lowkey dread trip planning. Most of the trips I take include me looking up a few things I want to do, then winging the rest as I go! I created this blog to share all the gems I find along the way and to help you with planning your itinerary. So, whether you are type B like me and will open a blog once you have arrived at your destination, or type A looking for things to do months in advance, I hope when you come to Travel with Monika you feel inspired to get out and see the world!

Want to know more? Send me a message here!

What’s Good

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